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WHY 721


 7, 2, and 1 were Barbara’s favorite numbers. When she looked for a sign, these numbers would show up to answer. Ironically, this is also her birthday - 7/21/57

When we looked further into 7, 2, 1, we realized, Barbara’s Brady Brunch family whom she proudly was the loving matriarch, consisted of 7 children (3 biological and 4 step), a man and a woman who fell in love (2) to create and unite one (1) equalling a complete family. These elements were the focus of her life; her children (7), her marriage (2), and her family (1). 

To compete the circle, Barbara’s journey ended on 1/27/21.


The number seven means completeness and perfection, spiritually.  It can represent the bridge between human world and heavens. It is known to be a symbol of faith, spiritual awareness, awakening, acceptance, and enlightenment. 



The number two is a representation of harmony, balance, and love.  This number  is considered to be a powerful number. It means cooperation and peace, and good thing coming your way. This number should not be ignored.



The number one represents new beginnings. This number can be considered a green light and positive vibrations. This number is empowering and can give you courage to follow your desired path.

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